You can find Hotel Benzua in Mestas de Ardisana, a small village in Ardisana Valley. This mysterious valley is in Llanes County. The county is in the eastern mountains of the Principality of Asturias. This valley is close to Mount Benzua, which names our hotel. The population remains very close to their traditions and culture and Asturian is still the main language.



Hotel Benzua an outstanding spot between the sea and the mountains.

Mestas de Ardisana (50 inhabitants) is a small village at the heart of Ardisana Valley. The main town Llanes is 19 km away and the nearest beach Niembro is 10 km away. It is a quite place with several places worth visiting. Nature lovers may enjoy its autochthonous forests, walk through its different pathways and Roman roads. Also do not forget the historical heritage. Its main expression is the horreos (special constructions on pillars to keep fruits and cereals). Pottery remains alive as is wood craftworks.


Festivities: The Immaculate Conception (Roman Catholic Church) on the 8th September.

Mestas de Ardisana has one hotel and several countryside manors to rent. It also has a tavern and a restaurant.

Gastronomy: The guests can enjoy our traditional dishes such as fabada (beans stew) and verdinas (pork stew with green beans). Beans are cooked with wild pork, seafood, etc… Another traditional Asturian meal is tortos (fried corn bread) with fried eggs and Asturian chorizos (sausages). Asturian cider is a low alcohol organic drink.

Activities: There are several mountain routes from Mestas. It would be interesting trying the Roman road or the Mills Route.

How to get there: In Asturias you need to reach motorway A-8 and take the way-out to Posada through AS-263. Once in Posada you need to take AS-115 towards Cangas de Onis. In Puente Nuevo you should turn left and follow LLN-14 to Mestas de Ardisana, 3 km away. The Hotel is the first building on the left.


Hotel Benzua is in an unspoiled valley from which several routes can be arranged. Local architecture is preserved all over the valley and is enjoying a kind of revival. Asturian traditional meals are offered in most of the local restaurants. Covadonga National Park is at 30 km from the hotel. Llanes County has more than 30 beaches. There are several prehistoric settlements such as Tito Bustillo, Peñatu, Pimiangu. Also Romanic art is present in San Salvador de Celorio, San Antolin de Bedon. Something unique to eastern Asturias is the Indianos architecture (Indiano means Creole). Indianos were the locals who made their fortune in South America and returned home to invest their money in the community.



Hotel Benzua will help guests to arrange different activities such as diving, squad, horse riding, golf, carting, etc…


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